Risk Processor Corporate 2.1.1: Risk Processor Corporate integrates decentralized Risk Processors.

Risk Processor Corporate 2.1.1

Corporate facilitates Enterprise Risk Management. It imports data from our low budget Risk Register Risk Processor. Risks per business unit are recorded in a specific Risk Register per business unit. Data is viewed an integrated way by means of Risk Processor Corporate on corporate level. See www.assetresolutions.nl/en/products for a full description of Risk Processor Corporate and Risk Processor. Summarized functionality: 65,000 risks can be imported

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Quick Corporate Minutes 4.0.7: Quick Corporate Minutes - Easily create corporate minutes and resolutions.

Quick Corporate Minutes 4.0.7

Quick Corporate Minutes (aka "QuickMinutes") will allow you to enter your state-required corporate minutes and resolution requirements. Even if you are just a one-man operation, the formal requirements of maintaining records of corporate meetings is essential. The purpose of Quick Corporate Minutes™ is to help you achieve these goals with the minimum of effort.

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WinQuota Corporate Edition 4.5.15: WinQuota is a flexible and powerful disk space management solution for Windows

WinQuota Corporate Edition 4.5.15

Corporate Edition is disk quota management software optimized for large and huge companies, with dozens of domains, thousands of users in those domains, multiple servers and has specially optimized interface. WinQuota Corporate provides the ability to specify domains, active directory, and even LDAP queries to find users and groups in huge domains manually. As its main functionality WinQuota Corporate allows managing directories and files size with

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SecExMail Gate 1.2: Email proxy server which encrypts and decrypts email messages on your network.

SecExMail Gate 1.2

SecExMail Gate is an email proxy server which encrypts and decrypts messages on your corporate network in real-time. This proxy server integrates with your existing corporate infrastructure and operates in conjunction with your SMTP/POP3 mail server. SecExMail Gate implements open standard encryption algorithms to create a seamless security framework to protect the privacy of your corporate email on the public internet.

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eScan Corporate for MailScan 11.x: An Antivirus & Content-Security solution for Workstations & File-Servers.

eScan Corporate for MailScan 11.x

Corporate for Windows. eScan is a high-performance, device-driver based, complete Anti-Virus and Content-Security solution for Workstations and File-Servers. If you want to protect your entire Network of File-Servers and Workstations, please check our eScan Corporate Edition and eScan Enterprise Edition. Both includes a license of eScan Corporate for MailScan (as a separate setup file). eScan Corporate Edition for MailScan operates as a full 32-bit

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SMTP Preprocessor 1.10: Processes e-mail messages before corporate SMTP server.

SMTP Preprocessor 1.10

corporate mail server. The program receives SMTP messages before corporate SMTP server, on-the-fly changes or rejects them, and retransmits result to the server. Wide range of settings allows to improve security and add new features to corporate SMTP server. SMTP Preprocessor can reject connection based on remote host IP address or DNS name (Black List), presence of reverse DNS PTR record, validity of HELO or EHLO command and connections limit; reject

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Arch Search Engine 1.23: An open source, high precision corporate search engine based on Apache Nutch

Arch Search Engine 1.23

Arch is an open source extension of Apache Nutch (a popular, highly scalable general purpose search engine) for intranet search. Not happy with your corporate search engine? No surprise, very few people are. Arch (finally!) solves this problem. Don`t believe it? Try Arch, blind test evaluation tools are included. In addition to excellent search quality, Arch has many features critical for corporate environments, such as document level security.

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Isenzo Mediacaster 1.1: Isenzo Mediacaster digital signage software

Isenzo Mediacaster 1.1

Isenzo develops robust and cost effective multimedia broadcast technologies for the corporate, retail and leisure industries. Isenzo`s software simplifies the creation and management of digital media networks, allowing users to quickly create and run a variety of channels such as Digital Signage, Retail Television, Out of Home Networks, Corporate Channels and Multimedia Info Displays.

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Corporate Network Security 3.01: Network-based security software to protect PC workstations.

Corporate Network Security 3.01

Corporate Network Security. This network-based password-protected security software lets you impose access restrictions to all your PC workstations you have in your corporate network to stop users from tampering with them. Also, it allows you to apply executable patches to your workstations remotely, and schedule reboots, shutdowns, and Windows Explorer restarts. The workstations are controlled from a single administrator`s computer from almost everywhere

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eScan Corporate Edition 11.x: eScan is a complete security suite for Workstations and Servers

eScan Corporate Edition 11.x

The new Version 11 of the eScan Corporate Edition is the ideal Anti-Virus and Information Security Solution for large networks that will not only effectively secure the network but is also very light on the system resources.

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